Womens and Mens Tights

  • Glamory has made a big move into menswear recently, so what's so great about their new tights made for men? How do they differ from other designers out there? Glamory have always had an eye on quality, making sure that anything they release is made with the highest possible standards in mind. Their menswear is no different. Some designers create men's tights solely because they're becoming popular, and this has created a wave of average quality items.

    Glamory has created their own line up in order to add a standard or benchmark that is much higher than the one out there right now. They are very successfully redefining and reinventing men's tights and taking them to a different level.

    Is this Glamory's first pursuit? No, they normally concentrate on creating fuller figure tights for women. So why this move into tights for men? It's simple really. When you have the expertise to create plus size women's tights that are roomier and can accommodate a more generous figure, you have the expertise needed to create the same kind of thing for men. Men's tights need to be more giving in the thigh and crotch area, allowing ease of movement and comfort.

    Glamory are perfectly set up to start making men's tights and to hit the ground running. They have taken this golden opportunity to do exactly that. Their menswear is the best we know of. The quality is exactly what you'd expect from Glamory, with only the very best yarns being used for these tights. The fit is carefully measured so that it fits like a glove and remains comfortable throughout the day, no matter whether you're at a desk or out and about.

    One reason why men go for tights in the first place in their warmth. Many men who work outside or who love their outdoor pursuits know that staying warm is ideal for helping them get through their tasks with ease and not suffer from the cold so much. Glamory's opaque tights for men are not all super thick, but they are a lot warmer than they should be for their thickness. A 60 denier item feels like an 80 denier one, which is important for men who need the extra warmth for sports like skiing. That extra comfort and insulation means they can stay warm without having to go for thicker and more bulky garments which restrict your movement and make things more difficult.

    Glamory know exactly what people need from their leg wear, whether it be the woman in need of a pair of plus sized tights or a gentleman who's sick and tired of looking for the perfect men's tights and just needs something with some more thought behind it. Glamory have their finger on the pulse and they design their hosiery for people, real people who need something a little less generic. It's what makes them so unique and it's the reason why their customers love their work so much.